See Darkly No More

by Redemption Draweth Nigh

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The fourth album by Redemption Draweth Nigh. It is a dark and brooding album, heavy on guitar with a significant jazz influence.


released November 28, 2016

Music and Lyrics by Adam Snyder
Additional Lyrics by Glenda Snyder



all rights reserved


Redemption Draweth Nigh Nashville, Tennessee

Redemption Draweth Nigh is a one-man, end-times gospel ministry from Nashville, Tennessee.

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Track Name: Here I Am
Waiting here I am
Standing here with sword in hand
Ready for the end

Come not against me
You will have no victory
Try and you will see

spirit-filled, anointed
Touch me not I say
Back away Back away
You know these are the end of days!
Standing here I am

Stood in darkness now in light
Standing here I AM
Those in darkness have not sight
But standing here I AM
Visions of failure get away!
Standing here I AM
I will stand until that day!
and standing here I AM

Fall upon your knees
Do not come against me
The wind upon the trees blowing

Jesus in the wind
The storms and rain will rip and rend
You know this is the end!

This is the final hour
Growing now is my power
The shadows shift the wine is sour
The field is covered with dying flowers
still here I AM
Track Name: Dark Image
Look into the eyes
How can you see yourself
Reflections into the dark soul
Lost in the waves of time

Heartache loss and pain
Give way to the grief
Fear leads to hatred
Death comes piece by piece

Run far away from it
Black cannot come back
The soulless ruin, no life
Leaves no hope of home

Hell awaits those who wait upon it
Can you see with stars in your eyes?
Hell awaits those who wait upon it
Can you see with stars in your eyes?


The dark Image stands before you now
a choice must be made
Reflections through a glass darkly
So hurry, do not delay!

Hell awaits those who wait upon it
Can you see with stars in your eyes?
Hell awaits those who wait upon it
Can you see with stars in your eyes?

Face yourself!
Track Name: Counting the Wounds
Tired so tired and worn
My body is tattered and torn
The fight has left me weak
It's shelter I seek

I lay alone and weep
counting the wounds I wear
I know i will be whole
but the scars remain I bear

They've hurt and scarred me
My bleeding heart it throbs
They've ripped and marred me
No laughter now, just sobs

All I know is that I must go

Counting the wounds all alone
No one can see my scars
I know them I feel them ache
I remember what they have taught

My scars make me strong
but the burden is great
No more will I flee
or hesitate...
Track Name: The Shaken
Opened the eye
Mind alive

I fed my head until it bled
The eye of power has left me dead
deep deep in the mind it fed
it awoke in the eye in my head
The shaken will awaken
Waves of sound walls of steel
mind will reel

Bright as a lamp it fell from the sky
It brought with it a bitter wine
We drew upon it and then we died
The waters poisoned our feeble minds
The shaken will awaken
Waves of sound walls of steel
mind will reel

The shaken
waiting for our time
the shadows
and the gallows
the fire of our eyes

In the end we're withering
Like a leaf shaken from a tree
Dead and cold on the ground we lay
low we wait for our dying day

The shaken we are waiting
for the sky to come down
we're the shaken
we've awakened
blinding light with no sound
we've come down...
Track Name: Battleground
Torn, ragged, so tired
This is the battleground
Let me stand,
I need a sign

Weapon drawn blood runs down
Distant cries all around
Thunder rolls darkness falls
I run I run

The call came I heard
Soldiers feet upon the earth
Raised my sword
I armored up

Battleground earth
I will go I will go
Bloodstained ground
Now no sound, no sound

We win, we win
Track Name: Canyon
On the edge of the cliff I stand
Looking over the canyon
Down into the darkness
I see I see

What is this I stand before
A chasm of death the deepest gorge
trapped below down on the floor
The fallen souls from heaven's door

fallen and shattered like broken glass
laying in the dark crevasse
weeds that grow up from the dark
Enter the cracks in the heart

Fallen beings from the sky
blackened faces asking why
heavy cords bind you together
Reserved in chains of darkness forever

Wandering stars how far you've fallen
Into the canyon of the forgotten
Wicked things embracing sin
No longer can you enter in
Track Name: The Entrance
Look into the eyes
you are hypnotized
Wheel of wonder round and round
Spinning eyes entrance the crowd

Open the curtain upon the stage
Now's the hour there is no time to waste
Keep your eyes peeled the revealing is at hand
man of sin: your son of man

The flowers cut and tossed at his feet
Shadows linger on the wheat
Applause as he enters the stage
We've reached it We've reached the darkest age

Look upon it witness the sacrifice
Look upon it the imitation-Christ
Look upon it He wanders with a gaze
Look upon it his entrance on the stage!

A dark man walking with a loaded gun
says he is the chosen son
against the wall or on your knees
you know he will do what he please

Try and run far from here
Valentine is drawing near
We must drink of that bitter cup
There's no escape from what's to come
Track Name: Fool's Path
Running fast toward my goal
What that is I don't know

Twisted road which I walk
I will follow your lead
Over the rainbow I go
Sailing toward a dream

Fool's path I take
Leads me on and on
chasing after the sun
blind deaf and dumb

Siren's song
Goes to and fro
Into my ear
and into my heart it goes

Down the long and winding road
Feet getting sore where do I go?

Wasted my time all of it is gone
Still haven't reached the end of the road
Lost all my life chasing the wind
Too late to go back my soul has been sold
Track Name: Wandering
Lost for so long,
hear my call,
Help me please
I'm on my knees

No sign of life
No end in sight
I need a hand
To lift my light

Bring me forth
I'm at the door
Save me from wandering anymore

Spirit please
Set me free
from pain and doubt
please let me out

Bring me forth
I'm at the door
Save me from wandering anymore
Track Name: To and Fro
I've run my hands across this world
Searched it through and through
Oh the wind has carried me
has carried me to you

I have come a thousand miles
From hills to sandy shore
And here I am, knocking
Knocking at your door

Let me in I ask of thee
Please kindly open up
For I've brought with me a feast
in hopes that we would sup

I've walked this Earth for many years
Walked it high and low
Seeking whom I may devour
and searching to and fro

I'm at your door let me in
I have such things for thee
I've come to you to entice
Open your doors for me

So please open up
Open your heart wide
Let me under your skin
Let me slither inside
Track Name: Wishing Well
When I grew up I was given a coin,
My Father sent me on my way down the road,
I held my coin tight, though many came to take,
I knew my job was to protect what he gave,

I saw a well full of enchantment,
The well called my name,
I look in it, saw my desires,
"Make a wish, come and see."

I tossed my coin into the dark deep well,
And down and down it fell, it fell,

Then nothing, nothing seemed to happen,
Here I stood, waiting to believe,
Still nothing, nothing came up from the well,
Fell down to my knees and started to weep,

Tricked, tied up I was,
Led astray by empty promises,
And now I can't pay my way,
I'll never get where I'm going,

Lost my soul at the wishing well,
Gave away what I shouldn't sell,
Nowhere to go, no not anymore,
I'll never reach that golden shore.
Track Name: Direction Home
On my way down the narrow road
Nothing will slow me down
On I go
Down the road
Direction home

My mind is weak from pain
the wind cuts to the bone
the clouds withhold their rain
joy is long since gone

No turning back now
I've gone too far
so on i go
down the road
direction known
I'm going home

I'm leaving this place
nowhere left to roam
compass points forward
direction is home

Death stands in my way
I will not be bound by the grave
Rise and follow me
From dirt to glory
Track Name: Into Night's Veil
Tomorrow is black
THere's no turning back
not from what's to come
the sudden attack

the shadows are gathering
the nights growing strong
no light to show
no music no song

just darkness as we enter in
into the brewing clouds
the sun and moon have turned to ghosts
the stars are blotted out

into night's veil
evil's unashamed
no light to shine in darkness
no law to bind their ways

Darkness grins as we enter in
there was no yesterday
There is a bright tomorrow
If we can survive today

fear and hatred
a time not like before
gather up your courage
we're walking through that door
Track Name: Turn Around
Turn around and face the truth,
Look ahead, there's the path,

It may seem dark and dreary,
I know you're tired and weary,
Just turn around, a few small steps and then,
The dark path will shed light, freedom,

Turn around and face your fear,
Turn around and see,
For all that is behind you,
Is a city of salty tears,

Head up, march forward,
Toward the new day,
I promise to never leave you,
I am here to stay,

I await.
Track Name: Sickness of Mind
Burden, lay me down, on a bed of sorrow,
I feel no tomorrow, I feel sick ( I feel sick )
Something in my head feels like lead,
I feel nothing in my arms, I'm in harm ( I'm in harm )

Eyes are blistered, stare into space
Bearing witness, amazing disgrace,
What has been taken on, bright light I see
I feel something missing inside me

I don't feel anything, something's taken hold,
I've lost control, my hold on what I know,
Listless in a dark abyss, my heart is going numb
I stare blankly into it to hear the glowing hum

No, no, no, no...

I feel sick with fever
In my head forever...
Blotted out my name
Weep in my darkened shame
Track Name: Three Keys
Behold a vision falling from the sky
Three keys wrapped up in hands black and white
I witnessed them, three depths and realms
Falling to the earth, and I watched them as they fell

Prophet black and full of rage has stolen all the keys
To bring forth now the time of dust and steal the hidden things
In the mind he slips and climbs tumbling like a leaf
To take to make to medicate the mission of the thief

in his hands
He has three keys
opening doors
doors to thee

The Locks fall off the guarded things
Resting in his hands, the merchandise of kings,
Into place the keys perfectly fit
Then, ascends the smoke out of the pit

Whoa beware the table spread
In his hand the balances
Mission bound to the tower dark
Setting free the fallen stars

Shh... The quiet
Before the storm
keep yourself
you've been warned
Track Name: Until I Knew
The mouth it opened with bitter words
The waters rushed forward and many heard
Into the mouths the gall it went
The spirit was vexed and soul was spent

Walked down the road until I knew
The face beneath mask
My heart it bled was hurt by you
So I run as fast as I can

Sour wine on my tongue
The stain remained too long
Sore vexed the mind became
Confounded by the song

The twisted words took root
and you took their hearts away
The bitter vine intertwined
and drained it all to gray

Walked down the road until I knew
Your face was beneath the mask
My heart it bled was hurt by you
So I run as fast as I can

Laughing face and bitter ways
tricking everyone
Heart was cracked, blistered, and cold
But now I see the sun,

I know your name
I know your name
I've known it for some time
So back away
And gone you'll stay
The power here is mine
Track Name: Under The Moon
Found myself waiting here
Living in fear, in fear
Shadows shake across the bloodstained land
Hear the wind blowing

Lost my way under the light of the moon
There's no going back to what I once knew
Gave up a part of what I was
To become, oh, to become

Let me be, I know what I am
Puppet strings attached to my hands
See me out there, oh look at me
Nobody can hear me scream

Look at me under the moon
I know it's coming soon
I wear this scar on my head
The hour is near the hour of dread

Bleeding wound under the moon
Hole in me cannot heal
Alone, so alone
See me, I want to feel
Track Name: I Dreamed a Dream
I dreamed a dream
I dreamed of the future
I saw the sky burning
I saw the fear in the air

I saw the stars falling
Into the ground roses bloomed
Their thorns scarred and drew blood
Painted with blood: red, red, red

I saw the shore
I saw the screen
Static froze the masses
Behold their new King

They scream:
"All hail our savior"
as they gouged out their eyes
"We've built the perfect machine,
In our love we despise"

I dream a dream that will come to pass
I saw the future, It's too late to turn back

IT speaks,
"Kneel down before me,
surrender your lives,
Set the fire to spread,
In our love we despise"

Gather your children
and run for your lives
blood will stain the streets
In that day we'll die

I dreamed a dream
That time's running out
so count the hours
and prepare yourself now...
Track Name: Red
Oh wicked nation soaked in blood
I know your name and what you've done
couldn't turn back time or hour
Soon you'll lose all your power

Thieves stand at the top of the hill
Blood on their hands from the innocent killed
Wearing lamb skin they've hidden their face
They sold out their birthright, what a disgrace!

Nation of blood!
I know what you've done
I know who you are
Up there among the stars

In the shadow of the evening,
The trees have lost all their leaves, Winter's come,
The merchants cry, the wind stings their face,
All is lost, all in vain,

Christ's returning, coming so soon
You cannot escape your doom
Children of Satan watching the clock
Time is short, tick tock tick tock

Blood for blood
an eye for an eye
Each drop you've shed
is a tear you will cry

Blood red Edom
Track Name: 10-14
Eyes hath seen you,
You have been perceived through a darkened gaze
Time reveals you,
Eyes of fire in each hand you have a snake
And I know you,
I see you in the minds that you habitate
Frozen statue,
You should know that none can stand on feet of clay

I see kaleidoscope eyes
With wings of a butterfly

In your tower over the valley of death
Guillotine in your eyes, blood on your breath

From the womb looks like its mother
From the tomb, from the grave
Static eyes can hypnotize
From the screen to the brain

Abomination, built from the blood of all humanity
Desolation, You must obey the voice from your TV screen

Everyone serves something
Your master the one you heed

Rich and poor, free and slave
The whole world will obey
You've lost your mind left it behind
Lost your soul and your way...
Track Name: Blind
Blind man walks backwards path
Blind man has not sight
I try to reach out to those
Blinded by the light

Why can't you hear me?
Your vision has failed
I call out to thee
Listen to the toll of the bells

The axe is ready to fall
Death awaits us all
Run away when you see her face
We've arrived at the end of days

Seek shelter from the storm
It's almost too late
the time is drawing close
For our untimely fate...

Blind man do your fear
I know you don't but you should
The hour is near
You don't believe but you will
Track Name: Reaction
Under the red moon
on the darkest night
the fire is burning
so bright, so bright

Up ahead i see the storm
coming this way i pray
clouds of dust rising high
look to the sky we fly

clad in light
steel and might
tonight we'll die
but we'll fight, we'll fight

Fall fall fall to your knees
no need to beg no need to scream
fall fall fall to your knees
the hour is here, Our victory

nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Too late to repent, too late to try
you had a chance you had a soul
you sold it for dust, so to the dust you shall go

He's coming with the clouds
Time is running out
Seek and you will find
Remain and you will die
Track Name: The Smoke of Their Torment
For all those that live in sin
this is a warning
There's a price for hate and greed
There's a place for liars and thieves

Fire eats away
endless suffering
judgement sealed unto
this is your day of doom
Lake of fire
cometh up higher
darkness with descend
Smoke of their torment

if you live life with no rules
you walk the path of fools
led away by all that shines
there is only one fate you'll find

the day of return is near
prepare and know the truth
seek the spirit and repent
lest he make a foe of you

laugh at your calamity
mock your fear and dread
rocks won't fall on you
seek but can't find death
oh what horror
your flesh falls away
the darkness has consumed thee
nothing left to say

and that smoke will bellow
upwards forever and ever...