This Is To Come

by Redemption Draweth Nigh

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This album is a quick glance through the keyhole, a peek at the future, a view of what is to come.


released February 1, 2016

Vocals, Music, Lyrics: Adam Snyder



all rights reserved


Redemption Draweth Nigh Nashville, Tennessee

Redemption Draweth Nigh is a one-man, end-times gospel ministry from Nashville, Tennessee.

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Track Name: Awake
Awake and prepare your house
The time is coming soon
Awake and be ready for battle
Arm yourself with the truth

Life is a dream
Deep a sleep
Strong delusion
Has clouded thee

Awake to those at ease
The time has quickly went
Arise and take up thy bed
Make your time well spent

Be not asleep when he arrives
Be awake and see
Know what is to come
Understand what shall be
Track Name: Break Free
Shadows come in the darkest of times
Bring their deception and twist the mind
They lie and confuse and scream their words
Try with their whole might to vex and to bind

Rise up, break free
You’ve got no hold on me
Soar with eagles’ wings
Rise up spirit in me

Rise up, break free
Satan get behind me
You’ve got no hold on me
I’m free

They dance around in their dark
They cast their spells and make their mark
Oh how, they want us to fall
How weak they are, but act so tall

No power in the heathen
Not in all their stars and demons
Nothing you can say can bring me down
I once was lost but now I’m found

So rise up break free
Satan get behind me
I have no time for thee
So flee

Rise up break free
You’ve got no hold on me
I soar with eagles’ wings
I’m free
Track Name: I'm Rising
Storm is coming cannot stop it
Power growing ever strong
Thousands watching seeing waiting
Thousands to the ground they fall

Holy fire deep inside us
Quelling up and pouring out
No one can say you were not warned
Feel it mounting with a shout

The power the power is growing by the hour
The fire cannot be slowed
The wind is shifting the trees are bending
I’m rising up in the ghost

Watch it burning no returning
Should be careful what you touch
Close your eyes to be not wise to
Some deceit can be too much

Narrow and straight that is the gate
Up ahead on the road
Be not defiled by their wiles
Or you will not make it home

The end oh the end’s closer now by the minute
The mountains are ready to fall
The earth is shaking the trees are breaking
The day has come for one and all
Track Name: Walk And Not Faint
I am so tired my feet very sore
No time to stop or rest anymore

Raise your eyes toward heaven
Lift your head up high and go

And fly up with mighty wings
Into the clouds we will soar
Our power is eternal
And we shall walk and not faint anymore

Fear is strong in this time
And hope so rare and scarce
Remember what’s been promised
Do not fall into despair

The whirlwind will scatter them away
Our feet shall triumph in that day
And we will leave them blood-soaked red
Our feet shall hurt but bruise his head

So rise up in power spirit filled man
And call upon the maker of this great and mighty land
We shall walk and feel no fear or hate
Onward our path carries us to the day
Track Name: You Shall Know Them
The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree
By what they bring forth you can see
Love begets love, and hate begets hate
Don’t be deceived by a mask on a face

Look closely at what they do
Don’t let them fool you
You shall know them by their fruit
Deceitful eyes, heart full of lies

Look closely at what they do
Don’t let them fool you
You shall know them by their fruit

They’ll smile and lie through their teeth
Tricked and trapped the plan’s complete
Twirl you around with flatteries
Hand in your pocket while they act so sweet

Heroes are so rare and few
Don’t let them fool you
You shall know them by their fruit
Shadows of men, wearing their skin

Look closely at what they do
Don’t let them fool you
You shall know them by their fruit
Track Name: Whole
Apart we are conquered
Together we are strong
Bound in one accord
As we wait for the break of dawn

Arise and know who you are
Never falling
Stand and know you are whole
Skies are burned smoke black
The tower’s calling
The broken lay far below

They are not whole
Oh, the broken souls

We are not dead
Nor cursed with deafness
We will not repent of sight
Exactly where we are
Supposed to be
Whole standing in the light
Track Name: The Rain
Come come clouds overhead
The sky is getting dark
The wind is returning
The power in the storm

The sky trembles ready to bust
Oh the power in the air
The temperature falls, the wind grows strong
Finally the rain can fall

Fall down on me rain from above
Heal my broken soul
I need a drink my tongue so rough
My mouth is dry as a bone

Oh power in the rain
Cleanse me make me whole
I need so much relief
I surrender control

Come down on me, oh, spirit
I give myself to you Lord
The road I walked was hard and dry
But led me to your door
Track Name: Though They Draw Near
A line has been drawn in the sand
The border of the shore
And those that cross it
Can cross back no more

For now I watch the stars
I see the scars on the earth below
And the sky is growing dark
Soon, not a spark of light will show

And though they draw near
I have no fear no fear
They can do what they will
But I am still here

Yea though I walk through the land of death
I hold my breath for day break
I speak they all fall down
Fall to the ground what an awful sound

And these wounds I bear will heal some day
and the scars of their pain will all go away
Track Name: The Fool
The fool stands in waiting
The time drags slowly away
The last kiss of twilight
Before the night comes to stay

The fool laughs away
the scorn of other men
He stands and awaits
His ship to come in

Tickets have been sold
The ship is sailing away
The voyage of the damned
Life’s no more today

Oh on the waves
The ship of fools sails ahead
The water is dark
and deep full of dread

The fool stands tall
In the midst of the crowd
As they sing their song
The ship goes down

And they drown
And they drown
Into the sea
They go down
Into the sea
They drown
Track Name: Carefully
Across the bones of dusty dead
I lightly move my feet
Through the valley of the shadow of death
My mission carries me

Darting through the catacombs
The lights are getting low
I cup my hand over my mouth
To mute my scream’s echo

No one can know I’m here
There is so much fear

Heading through the gorge of the skull
My sword firmly in hand
I hear them marching looking for me
The horrid angel band

My spirit’s sure ready to move
My eyes sharp as a hawk’s
Move quickly but carefully too
I will not get caught

The sun’s hidden by the moon
The end is coming soon
Track Name: Last Breath
I took up my cross and carried it here
Look in my eyes I have no fear
Up in the air you raise up your blade
I know I must die I am not afraid

This bitter cup I must drink
A burden I carry with me
Though never alone nor afraid
My soul in your hands I will be saved

The master calls my name
I wait til judgement day
The time is short but it seems so long
Until that day I sing my song

What can you do to me
I am mighty
Take my head and dig my grave
And see what mistake you’ve made

In death we are set free
Our lives are not ours you see
We walk until our time to rest
We go until we take our last breath
Track Name: He Who Lurks
Dark in the shadows of your room
Hidden in the cracks of the crevice
He lurks to seek out
He calls to draw out

Heed not his call and resist
The shadows overtake his victims
Like a murder of crows
They swarm and pull apart

Do not embrace the dark
Hidden you are not
It is a door to death
No escape once crossed

Shh… Shh…

Do not open up your doors
Lest the shadow walkers swarm
They lurk even now near you
Watching to see what you’ll do

There is danger in the shadows of the dark
Look and see there he walks
Deep in the night, he takes flight
Lurk not in the dark, run for the light
Track Name: Broken
Oh broken man, broken man
When will you be whole again?
Look upon not, don’t know what
What I am anymore

Will I be weak and heavy-laden
Oh broken in this state I’m in
Can I find forgiveness
Will I be whole again?

Striving to rise, I open my eyes
I see, what do I see, me in pieces

Come claim me someone
Pick me up out of the crowd
I’m here, can you see me?
I’m standing very near

Come lift me up
I might get noticed
Here, here, here…

Will I be weak and heavy-laden
Oh broken in this state I’m in
Can I find forgiveness
Will I be whole again?
Track Name: He Captured Me
Long legs piercing gaze the spider looks at me
I stare back and cannot move myself I can’t get free
He licks his lips
He tears and rips

Help me someone I’ve been entangled
and I cannot get free
Covered by his tall shadow
He captured me

A man with no name a nobody
So please help me I am not free

The web tangled tight
There no hope in sight
I can feel his bite
No strength left to fight

Help me someone I’ve been caught
and I cannot get free
These chains around my soul are heavy
He captured me
Track Name: If I Could
So bound in my sin I cannot get free
Tied up and chained oh what has become of me
Fearful and alone it’s getting harder harder to see
So cold where i am I hear the wind in the trees

How did I get here in this place
Trapped here til judgement day
My heart is broken I cannot feel
If I could only break these chains

Oh how different it could have be
If I walked the path of righteous men
If I had not given in
Fallen prey to my wicked sin

Blind man I am deaf to the truth
My ears heard not I ignored you
My mind convinced of darkness and pain
If I could only break these chains

Left here in the dark alone without a friend
I shall remain here until the cold bitter end
Track Name: Behind Every Door
Lock your windows well
and don’t rest a spell
Keep your eyes out
You know he’s on the prowl
And he’s looking for you
So you better not be found

Behind every door
He’s breaking through the locks
For God’s sake, run for your life
Cause he’s not gonna stop

Where the light shown through the glass
Now darkness has come to pass
The moanings have grown to roars
He’s behind every door

Stay not in one place
Do not show your face
Until the time is right
We lift our arms to fight

Look into their eyes
Be not surprised
Who is looking back at you
Who’s behind the disguise

Oh no! What have you become
Oh no! You left your door open
You left your door open…
Track Name: The Heart
Look in your heart
What is there?
Is there hope or joy
Sadness or despair?

Numb the heart can go if you let it
Deep into the cold ground
There is no return from darkness
Be careful what you allow

O guard the heart
Fragile easily broken
There are those who take
and those who’s hearts are stolen

We are slaves to our desires
Our hearts are on a string
No more can we be free of sadness
Every moment has a sting

I left my heart behind me
Couldn’t take it everywhere
One day I realized I’d lost it
Looked back but it was not there

Now there is only numb
the void and the cold
now I feel nothing
and only shadow I hold
Track Name: His Eyes
His eyes can see
Down the dark hole
Into the black can’t come back

Eyes that glow
Pale moon’s light
Empty void
Yet they have sight

They watch you
They watch me
Everywhere they see

The darkness of his eyes
The shadow of his stare
The blood-stained door will open
The pit shall bring despair
Track Name: Seven
Lo I saw them on the banks
The mud beneath their heels
I saw the river flowing there
I saw them standing still

Then the river lost its strength
The sun beamed down below
Their time had finally come to cross
The river lost its flow

With the sun they travelled on
Heading to make war
Seven eastern stars
Golden crowns they wore

Seven rays of sun
They come with stomping feet
Rows of lined formation
Marching to the beat

Woe I say unto you
O the day is coming soon
Sooner than you may think
The bodies will start to stink

Oh the heads will roll
The war pigs will not win
Blood will be shed
Before that day will end
Track Name: Faceless Man
Who are you that walks in my dreams
Can’t see your face you’re a mystery
I try to discern but I cannot see
Dark in my dreams you say you are me

Anonymous you slip through the cracks
If I follow you I won’t come back
The game it is played the lies they are laid
You hold out your hand to take me away

Tangled up in the dream
Wrap me up cannot scream
There is no light
Trapped in the night
The blur surrounds me
and I split at the seams

Broken plastic mannequin men
A thousand pieces make an image
Coming together in one accord
Signing away what they couldn’t afford

And though I am not bound
I am not free
And my reflection
Is not me

No identity
Don’t know where I stand
Inside I am nothing
Just a faceless man
Track Name: The Darkness Inside
O dancing darkness under my skin
I opened the door to let you in
Moved in tune to your dark designs
Left my heart on the funeral pyre

Here I sit, left in the dark
Who am I where have I gone
Trapped here in this place
Been wiped away I’ve been replaced

Walk about like other men
No one knows about the darkness within
I put on a show for those around me
I can’t let my dark defect be seen

The darkness inside is well hid
I don’t let the ugly light in
Behind my heart there’s only a hole
Look into my eyes there is no soul

The darkness inside has swallowed me
And no one knows I cannot see
No one knows that I can’t feel
No one knows my smile isn’t real
Track Name: Beast Of The Field
Eyes are watching me
Listen close
They will roam
Heading for the coast

The valley is full
The moon doesn’t speak
Listen now closely
They trample the weak

Down in the Valley
of Megiddo
Quickly, down they go

Beast of the field
the grass won’t grow
Oh so deep below

Stuttering movement
Time crawls on
On and on and on

Go down unto it
Beast of the field
The ground will not yield

The fields are barren
Not a cloud in the sky
The people are hungry
The earth is dry

No peace for the wicked
The weary have no home
The beasts of the field
Cry out and groan

The time is slipping
Don’t you know
And now the tares are sewn

The field has been ruined
The weeds have arose
No more grass will grow
Track Name: Crying Out
Crying out to you
What could I do
I did not believe
Thought it was not true

I walked down halls of darkness
Did well what I pleased
Boarded the ship of fools
I sailed the sea of dreams

Now I cry out
But you do not hear
I cry out and call your name
But you turn away your ear

You leave me alone in my shame
This place where I sold out my name
The light went away no more day
You left me alone to wither away

Crying out to you
But you do not hear me scream
I spit and curse your name
Cut myself but I do not bleed

Here at the end of it all
I’ve put dirt upon my head
Laid down with the flowers
I know I am among the dead
Track Name: Translucent
I see, oh I see
The window
The shape the shift
The shadow

My eyes I look
Cannot see
I try to grasp
Cannot be

Faintly I see
Darkly tint
My vision is skewed

I need to see
I don’t know
I peek my eye
Through the keyhole

The glass is blind
Nothing is clear
Vision blurred
Nothing but fear

What is to come
Please show me
But we see through a glass darkly