Weights And Measures

by Redemption Draweth Nigh

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There are two roads one can walk: life and death. There is good and evil. The straight and narrow way or the long and winding road. This album is about both paths.


released June 17, 2016

Lyrics: Glenda Snyder
Music: Adam Snyder



all rights reserved


Redemption Draweth Nigh Nashville, Tennessee

Redemption Draweth Nigh is a one-man, end-times gospel ministry from Nashville, Tennessee.

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Track Name: Lightly
By the river, I sat there,
I pondered the ways,
My thoughts were so crowded,
Mind full of haze,

Swirling, rippling waters,
I questioned my purpose,
Bowed my head in torment,
Closed my eyes and just sat,

A clear voice, like rain falling,
Taunted my brain, pain,
I stood, ran in circles,
Trying to find my ground,
Everything went quiet, no sound,

Then, the waters were rushing,
The rain poured down,
Vision in my eyes,
A gift I was given as I fell to the ground,

Lightly, a moment after I arose,
The Father had called me,
Arise, arise and compose,
You’re needed, come unto me,
Lightly, the voice whispered, unto me…
Track Name: Tender-Hearted Lion
Tender-hearted lion, tame for a time,
Now, the armies are marching,
Tender-hearted no more,
I roared kindly, spoke softly,
But no more,

Armored up completely, claws are sharpened
Tender-hearted lion no more,
Darkest night matters not,
Called forth and armored up,

No tender-hearted lion anymore,
No tender-hearted lion anymore,
No time to waste here, no time to halt,
Armored up in preparation, I march,

I’ve mounted up, golden words upon my tongue
Charge, here I come!
Tender-hearted lion no more, no more!
Track Name: Tried
Don’t you see, I need, I need,
What? I don’t know,
Maybe it’s hope or love,
But something I can hold,

Been tried, tried again,
Due to what? Think it’s sin,
Roam around, haven’t found
What I’m looking for,

Help, this fallen man,
Can’t you see I call to thee?
Don’t know where to go
Or how to receive,

Believe me, tried, been tried,
It’s bound me so,
In chains of gold,
Soul my soul,

Tried and tested,
War on war,
Maybe, I don’t wanna go,
Oh, I know, yes, I know my foe.
Track Name: The Garden
I cried, “Oh, Father!”
On my knees, I cried,
“Father, need I do this?
Oh, why? Oh, why?”

You know the word was written,
And the light must surely shine,
If not for your passing,
Completion, final decision, the time,

Cast your pain upon me,

Oh, now is the hour,
We shall be as one,
All that was empty,
Now, the cup is full,

Never will I leave thee,
Nor forsake thee, my love,
For the time is quickly approaching,
For the setting of the sun,

Rise up, wipe the tears away,
Be strong, for the hour is late,
Walk the walk, Oh now,
Come through the gate.
Track Name: Longing
The waiting room so quiet, the door will open,
I fear what waits, open, open,
Come, I say, it’s time for your test,
Come, I say, I hope you know the rest,
I know you came here for a reason,
You say you want the best,

I offer you this cup, drink quickly I say,
You’re longing, drink, now drink, I say,
What are you looking for? May you now see,
For I read the clouds in your cup, I see,

You’re longing for freedom, I can’t set you free,
Your soul, it’s chained, you are not free,
So, come, be very quiet,
Come now with me…
Track Name: A Question
I pondered, I wondered, and thought,
I bled, hurt, and fought,
Searched so far and wide,
The question that lay inside,

Years have passed, yet I think,
Where am I? Where am I?
Who am I? Who am I?
A question in my mind,

Looked ahead, looked behind,
Shake and cry, what is this?
I feel so lost, where am I?
I long for the light,

Sleep per chance to dream,
Fall to sleep, start to scream,
Yelling out, looking for,
The light, there’s the door,

So I run, my feet fast,
Is it future? Is it past?
But there’s the door, free at last,
The question answered.
Track Name: Suffering
One step at a time,
One hour, one day,
I move slowly, a step at a time,
I’m tired, so tired,

Salt upon my cheeks,
My tongue is dry,
I cry, I cry,
Bow my head,

I scream unto my God!
“Where are you?
Where are you?”

Thunder rolls in the sky,
I rise up,
I scream, I cry,
“Where are you?”

“I am He, here I am,
You’ve found me,
Rise up, rise up,
Dry your eyes, look up,

I am here, here I am!”
Track Name: I'm Coming
You can’t know the hour I’m coming,
So, wait for me,
I’m coming,

My love, my bride,
I’m on my way,
Wait no longer,
Today is the day,

In the sky, open wide,
Look and behold,
The greatest hour you’ll ever know,

My love, my bride,
I’m on my way,
Wait no longer,
Today is the day,

The glory cometh down,
The glory cometh down,
Light of light,
The sweetest song,

I’m coming,
I’m coming,
I’m coming,

Track Name: The Trial
They shall gather, marching toward the judge,
Uniform, softly, going forward,
For the sin of man has come to light,
And payment is due tonight,

“Let the trial begin,” the robed one speaks,
As he calls forth and motions,
Artfully designed perfection,
As the room becomes full,

“Sorry, no, I will not listen,
Approach the bench, I say,
For you have given away life,
Do not speak anymore this day,”

“Look straight ahead, with your eyes,
There’s guilt that I do see,
Please go now,
No need to drop to your knees,

Take him away, I say!”

“You had a chance at repentance,
To love and do a good deed,
But darkness you played with,
Hate and greed,”

“Arise, begone!
I know you not.”
Track Name: The Wind Upon Three Hills
I dreamed of three hills where the wind did blow,
Three paths, I looked, what did I behold?
The movement was shadow,

My eyes did see, understanding
I knew not, but clearly there were three,

Was it three chances or times?
I knew not but closer I came,
To view the circumstance,

I felt so lost or so it seemed,
My faith was there, my hope,
But darkness encompassed me
Like a tight fit robe,

The wind became a tune,
Entranced, lured, and blew,
I followed the beat, the layers were three,
I stopped then understood:
A father, a spirit, a son,

I awoke.
Track Name: Unraveled
Tangled, tightened by the vine,
His belonging over time,
It’s strange I feel so confined,
I became intertwined,

On the ground, I want, I need,
I’m here, pass not over me,
Longing to be saved,
Unfortunate one, I am,

Calling out, did you know?
I’m falling to pieces,
Rolling, turning, matters not,
The more I move, just a knot,

Oh, blank mind, I wish so,
To see freedom, let me go,
Far away, I struggle so,
Left, then right, I don’t know,

Unraveled, strewn about,
I am, I am my own trap,
Loose these chains, loose these chains,
That I may go…

I don’t know…
Track Name: Golden Throne
Silent footsteps carried me,
Helpless, hopeless destiny,
The sight I beheld there,
Weakened warrior, now despised,

Every movement, the strange approach,
Even closer, oh so near,
Weakened stagger, closer now,
Mindful, there it stood,

Beauty shining, golden throne,
Glinting glory to behold,
Closer look, t'was not so,
I was not alone,

Seated on the seat so high,
Ascending into the sky,
Shadow dancing in my eyes,
I stand, desolate and cold,

“Are you ready?” the voice called down,
“Are you ready?” I said, “Yes, I am,”
Golden throne was the judgement seat,
Bow unto me,
I know you, you are he.
Track Name: No Return
Are you the guilty one I’m seeking?
Are you he with a murderous heart?
Defiled, defiled, lurking in the dark,
It’s too late to scream, it’s too late,

Oh, it is you!
I heard you scream and scream and scream,
I’d know you anywhere,
There’s blood on your hands,

Oh, come aboard,
Come on now,
I’ve come for you,
No running allowed,

You, yes you!
Lover of darkness,
Worshiper of HIM,
Come aboard!

The time is now,
Smoke descendeth upward,
Away we go!
Track Name: Final Dance
Last sunrise,
I wipe my eyes,
turned around,
And found the music had ended,
Unraveled and torn,

Swirling memories of old,
I looked back to see the day was gone,
And I knew, yes I knew,
It was the final dance,
It had to end,

Curtain closed, the end,
The last and final dance,
No more, no more, no more,
The path ahead,
I arose, caught my breath,
And walked,

There was only quiet, just quiet,
No more to say, I just prayed…
Track Name: The Executioner
Why have you lured me?
Why have you chained me?
How did you find me?
I’m not yours,
I’m not yours!

I’m not yours, I’m not yours,
I’m not yours, I’m not yours,
I’m not yours, I’m not yours,
I’m not yours!

So, now I know,
Now I see,
Just where you’ve brought me,

I know I was hidden,
Hidden away,
But now the spotlight’s on me,
You have found me!

Was told as a child,
To say your prayers,
Bow down, close your eyes,
You may calmly sleep,
Not so, not so, not so!

For when I bowed down to pray,
The spirits, they came to play,
Held my hand, and sang to me,
The tune of dark times,

So, now I know, now I see,
Just where you’ve brought me!
Track Name: Before We Die
Wash my hands, dry my eyes,
Prepare a meal, It’s time to dance,
The sky has opened,
It’s closing time,

Count: one, two, three,
one, two, three,
one, two, three,
one, two, three,

Preparation, preparation,
Shod my feet, take hold of my shield,

Bow down, bow down, bow down,
Quiet, no sound!
The power rushes over me,
A path I see,
Spirit cloud as a shadow,
I ascend unto battle,

Count: one, two, three,
one, two, three,
one, two, three,
one, two, three,
Sword in hand,
March, march, march,

My God!
Track Name: Weapon In Hand
Weapon in hand, need to understand,
Why, oh why, I stand here,
I was sent forth,
He said, “Rise up,” I did,

Forward on guard,
Forward on guard,
Fiery fueled,
I go,

Riding hard,
Rising power,
Weapon in hand,
Moving, I go…
I go…
Weapon in hand I go…

I heard the battle cry,
Yes, forward, straight on,
My weapon is my faith,
No time to slow down,
Nor lay my weapon down.
Track Name: Glory
The shadows have shifted, the sand has run down,
Glory in my name oh barren land,
Open thine eyes, see what’s before thee,
What was structured unto man is no more, no more,

My children have waited, called me down,
The trumpet is sounding, come, glory in the Lord,
Keepers of the flame, dancers in the rain,
Jump high and sound out the glory of the Lord,

Glory cometh down, spirit called out,
Glory cometh down, glory cometh down,

The veil has been lifted, turn your eyes to see,
Standing here before you, come unto me,
Look not back behind, that place is no more,
Forward, now children, through the open door,

My children have waited, called me down,
The trumpet is sounding, come, glory in the Lord,
Keepers of the flame, dancers in the rain,
Jump high and sound out the glory of the Lord,

Glory cometh down, spirit called out,
Glory cometh down, glory cometh down,

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.
Track Name: The Last Hour
For those that follow darkness,
Dig your graves now,
For those that served another,
I say it’s the end,

The last hour, the last chance,
Laughter, no more, I say no more,

You have laughed and mocked me,
You said there was no God,
I say unto you eyes be shut,
And tongue be still, move not, move not,

The hour is here…
Track Name: The End
How many miles have I traveled?
How many words have I spoke?
Like the sands of shore, I don’t know,
So many dreams I’ve dreamed,

My days played out,
My hours ran out,
I looked back,
Nothing there,

My journey, my road,
My time to go,
Look, you won’t know,
Day’s length,
Time to go,

I stood upon the hoary banks,
And stared out at the sea,
Waited for my bread to come
Floating back to me,

You can’t hold time,
You can’t hold time,
Contain it, no,
It’s not mine,

I rise in my suit of flesh,
The end, the end…