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The fifth album by Redemption Draweth Nigh.

A journey into darkness beyond the realm of the tangible. This album delves into the hidden truth of the world and the human condition.

Raw emotion and dreamy synths give this album an interesting, experimental sound.


released April 21, 2017

All music and lyrics by Adam Snyder, except:
19. Rise - Music co-written by Brian M. Snyder
24. Ascending - Lyrics written by Glenda G. Snyder



all rights reserved


Redemption Draweth Nigh Nashville, Tennessee

Redemption Draweth Nigh is a one-man, end-times gospel ministry from Nashville, Tennessee.

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Track Name: Here I Come
Let the land tremble
Let the earth shake
Hide beneath the rocks
Hide from your fate

With all my strength
Here I come
Repent now
Because you cannot run

Bow and surrender now
All the land shall pray
Lest the rocks cry out
In your place

All glory and might
Surrender unto me
That you might meet
With eternity

Here I come...
Here I come...

There is no escape from whats to come
The damage is already done
To atone for the sins of this land
The hour is near at hand

Here I come...
Track Name: John
Tower, tower on the hill
The sun shone bright at dawn
But when the king of power fell
The grass had blood upon

John, you fell broke your head
But they'll put you together again

Moonlit sky and tower high
The weeping never dries
Bitter stains and purple haze
Confounds their shattered minds

John, you tripped, fell down the hill
You crown is bleeding still

Tower, tower on the hill
The trumpet sounds at noon
The eyes on you are watching still
Darkness is coming soon

Molten cast into form
A shape of mankind
Resembling the lines held before
A wicked state of mind

When tower falls, the shattered walls
Crumbling to the ground
The bridges burned, the fruit has turned
Spoil as it all falls down

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
The monster turned on us

Know thou the hour hand
The clock tick tocks away
Did you know it's all a show
A hour upon the stage

Ceremony and suicide
The lies and lives they lead
Hour hand a razor edge
A dweller in the deep
Track Name: Apparition
What is this that has appeared
A shadow stands, I'm filled fear
No one around are you real?
Am I alone or is it near?

Hair on my neck stands on end
I shudder to catch a glimpse
Paranoid, I look behind
Apparition in my midst

Leave me alone today
I don't want to be afraid
Leave me alone spirits at play
Leave me alone, I say

Then, its back in the hall
I see you lurking by the wall
Hidden thing, I see you now
I have the force, I cast you out

Torment me no longer
Feel my power getting stronger
Apparition, leave me be
Begone away from me

Apparition, leave me be
I wanna find peace this day
Apparition, back away

Apparition, leave me be
I need to find the space to breath
Apparition, Why do you torment me
Now I say, you've been chained
Down in the dark you'll stay
Apparition, back away
Track Name: Tick Tock
Look up at the sun
The stars and the moon
Their light has withdrawn
The time is soon

Time is drawing near
Mountains, valleys, full of fear
Hands shake on the clock
Time is close, tick tock

Hour hand shortly span
Time drifted away
Midnight struck, hour stuck
Only for a day

"Tick tock," said the clock
Your hour is drawing near
Time kept on moving
So grew the fear

Holding hands while the world ends
Bound to our bitter fate
The crack in the crevice exposes
The hour is getting late
Track Name: Past Future
The time is approaching
I feel it in the wind
Echoes from the future
Has the past occurred again

Am I lost in a dream?
How can I be sure
When did the stars go out?
Past Future

Distorted, time has been
Nowhere left to go
Only to the end
Cold the wind that blows

We all move through
No longer where we were
No choice to stay
Past Future

Linger no more
As time rushes in
Clocks spin backwards
Echoes ripple
Like songs in the wind
Hanging on every word
Track Name: The Market
Flesh and bone, the currency
Souls of mortal men
Bought and sold in the market
Bonds they'll put you in

A hot iron searing on the soul
Like lambs to the knife
Marked, bought, and paid for
Tagged and put in line

One by one, they walk ahead
Slaughterhouse awaits
The masses moving clueless
Toward their butchered fate

Don't take your soul to market
No matter what is gained
There is no turning back
From bondage and from chains
Track Name: The Meadow Song
I stood in the midst of the meadow
And the grass moved around me
There was a breeze in the air
Saw the birds in the trees

Then, winds picked up steam
The trees swayed in the breeze
Fear swept over me
The birds started to flee

The birds know, they go to and fro
Watching me in the meadow
The eyes see, perched in the trees
Watching me in the meadow

Who taught you how
To know where to go?
I wait for the day
Maybe I'll know

Watching the birds
They're watching me
Up comes the wind
It blows through the trees

Obey your master's voice
You always have a choice
Listen and take heed
Listen to the warning

The birds are a sign
Warn the wise
Open your eyes
And watch the skies

A place prepared
That no evil knows where
In that meadow
I'll wait for you there...
Track Name: Let Me In
Knock knock, open up your door,
I have a gift for you...
A secret treasure not seen before
Something shiny and new...

All I ask, it's not a sin
Open up and let me in
Just unlock that little latch
And I'll give you what you ask

Let me in...

Please open up I need a home
My fur is wet and I am cold
I need shelter from the storm
I need a place where its warm

Scratching on your door I beg you
Let me in I need refuge
Somewhere secret I can hide
I need skin to dwell inside

Let me in...

Time has forsaken me
My fear is running deep
Let me... Let me inside
Give me your soul to keep

I'll take you to the top of the mountain
I'll take you to the depths of the sea
I'll give you the stars in the sky
Just kneel down and worship me

Wrap you up in chains of gold
Don't you see you've sold your soul
Opened up that special door
You are mine forever more...
Track Name: Now
Everything is backwards
And no one has the answer
But everyone is talking
And nobody is watching

Sky is growing blacker
Days are getting faster
Time has come for action
The time is now

Rise up put the fear away
Now you have a choice
Draw your sword stand up tall
Shout with your voice

Know the time is now
Time is running out
Run now for the door
Time will wait no more

Everywhere around there are
Smiles selling lies
Hiding in the dark
Behind the eyes that shine

Watch the skies ahead
For the day of dread
This world's at an end
So, please don't pretend

Know the time is now
Time is running out
Seek him out and pray
This could be your last day

You know the time is now
You better seek him out
Witness and pray
These are the end of days
Track Name: Stand Up, Run For Your Life
World still turns
Scorching wind burns
Hour has come to stand
Quickly, go forth
Set your course
Forsake this broken land

Risen in place
Teeth at the gate
Soldiers armed for war
Boots on the ground
Towers fall down
There is nothing left anymore

So I run far from here
There is so much fear...

Stand up, run for your life

Bone valley dry
The time has come to fly
Under the bloodstained sky
Belonging nowhere
So much despair
Thick is the dark of the air
So little time
Shift of the tide
Mount on my horse and ride
Weapon in hand
Nothing can stand
Run now while you still can

Forsake your life
To save it tonight
The fire of hell burns bright
Echoes of screams
Run through the trees
Everyone must flee

So I run far from here
There is so much fear...

Stand up, run for your life

No time to wait
Death's at the gate
The hour is late so late
Escape from this land
Escape while you can
Escape from the Devil's hand
Bone valley dry
Time's come to fly
Under the bloodstained sky
Dwellers of nowhere
So much despair
Dark is the smoke in the air

So I run far from here
There is so much fear...
Track Name: Reflection In the Water
Seated on the clouds so high
He looked and saw his reflection
Discord twisted his mind
He saw there was perfection

Looking in the deep
He saw his beauty fair
Fell for his reflection
In the water there

Looking up he saw the King
His mind was filled with jealousy
So he went to and fro
Formed a plan to seize the throne

"Mirror on the wall
I am the greatest of us all
Look upon my strength and might
I am the greatest light"

The mirror is a violent end
Narcissism is a sin
Pride goes before a fall
Look at he who lost it all
Track Name: Rebellion
Within the gate was rebellion
Up above, the door was kicked in
Power, danger, drums, and trumpets sound
Golden army cast them to ground

Shattered dis-aligned in vain
The stars left their estate
Dismantled their hearts in sin
Cannot come back again
Disillusioned by his tale
He pulled down two more as he fell

Down in the darkness they gathered together
Wept as they gathered each other's hands they hold
They went to and fro seeking all who'd follow
Starved unforgiven they went forth spreading woe

The stars arose and shone their light
The people stopped and stared
No one could tell that it was night
And if they could, they didn't care
Soft voices led them away
Broken vessels on the stage

A city of night, of night
The stars are alight, a light
No one can save them now
Skeletal screams
In nightmares and dreams
Rebellion of the fallen ones
Track Name: Powerless
Fear gathers around me
My power growing strong
Then, the four winds surround me
Power in my song

I am not alone
And I am not afraid
No one can stand
Long in my way

I am not weak
Wind in my sails
Jesus sets my course
I will prevail!

I'm not powerless

Count the hours
Now, count the cost
Every moment is a
Second that's been lost

Time works against you
But time you have now
A moment in your hands
Will you make it count?

You're not powerless
Seek forgiveness
There's an exit
From this darkness
Track Name: My Torment
Clockwork in the head
Gears turn in tune
Machine has many ghosts
Voices of secret doom

My torment is a fury
The dark and raging sea
The anger turns to violence
The voices torment me

Fire burning in my mind, why!?
Peace I cannot find

Don't tell me what I've lost
Don't you think I know the cost
Burden in my hand I hold
Don't you think I know?

My torment is a raging sea of flame

Peace of mind I can't find
Treasure hidden from me
Tormented one cankered sun
Burning pain does sting

There's a stain blacked out my name
All that's left is the pain
Forever in chains bound as a slave
All to chase a dream

Don't tell me what I've lost
Don't you think I know the cost
Burned my ticket lost my soul
Heaven's door is forever closed
My torment is a raging sea
Fire death and agony
Deep inside my tortured mind
I have hell contained inside
Track Name: Burdened Beast
Broken back of the
Burdened beast
Bound up
To be released

A raising up
A tearing down
The violence grows
Among the crowd

Freedom it seeks
From the yoke it bears
To be set free
From the chains it wears

Time will not be long...
Until the end of song...

The beast will roam, free from the cage
Be aware and run away
Burdened beast no longer bound
Stomping feet shatter the ground

A raising up
A tearing down
Shattered and burned
Down to the ground
Track Name: Calibrated Movement
Fire and fury
Fills the western sky!
Our freedoms have been challenged,
We ate the bitter lie.

Lion tune to foretell,
The lie of destiny,
Crippled, lost desires,
Fractured and free.

Destruction as a unit:
Calibrated Movement.

"All your promises you made
You sold us only lies!
Our souls are a waste;
A failure of mankind!"

Sutured up the scars
Built up for a week
"We will have success,"
Golden mouth doth speak

Can't you hear the sound of wings
Flying through the night?
Locusts will devour
Everything in sight!

Fracture in the pavement:
Broken entertainment.

Failed and lost alone...
Torn apart and used...
Bitter tears of the crowd...
Weeping for Tammuz...
Track Name: On My Way
Running as fast as I can
I'm coming for you
Weapon in my hand
Tick-tock, drop of the sand
Nothing left to lose
Not a mortal man

Slither away, little snake
Lies you've spoke and
Tales you've spun
Got everyone on the run
But one day your darkness
Will be undone

I call you forth
Time's end
I need you to reach me
Faster clocks will spin

Power in the wind
I am on my way
No time to bend
I am on my way
Feet moving fast
I am on my way
Time's come to pass
I am on my way

Tonight, fire is burning bright
Battle cry, trumpet attack
Eagle wings upon my back
Time has come, there is no turning back

Sand running down but I am on my way
Time's spinning out but I am on my way
Smoke is ascending, I am on my way
This is the ending, I am on my way

I am on my way
I am on my way
I am on my way
I am on my way
Track Name: The Devil's Playhouse
Deep inside the mind, a hidden place
A door kicked in, A scarlet stain
"Dance," the master says as he pulls your strings
"Dance my puppet dance, my plaything."

Somewhere out there
The free birds fly
I wish I was free
To free the breeze
To see the sky...

Get out of my head
Thoughts are broken
Mind invader
Your voice has spoken
I never wanted this...
I never fathomed it...

I wish I were free
But the devil's' playhouse is me
Trapped in chains of gold
Soul's been sold

Somewhere out there
The free birds fly
I wish I was free
To feel the breeze
To see the sky...

Lost in this place
I am so cold
The dark trees sway
I've lost my soul
Oh no..
Track Name: Rise
In the garden he spoke to me
He said, "Rise up, I have a job for thee."
I heard and said, "Direct me, Lord."
He sent the wind to give a word

Take up thy cross to carry
Fear not and do not tarry
The pain will come tears will fall
In the end it will be worth it all

Arise, arise take up the blade
Grab the shield of faith
Live to fight another day
Hours so long, they wear out my mind
Fight the darkness behind the illusion and lies

Rise the time is now
You must find your way out
Trumpets blare over the sound of drums
A foretelling of what is to come

Life runs out like sand of time
The time is close, you must arise
Be asleep no longer child
The wolves are growing wild

Arise, arise put on your shoes
You should have a clue
You should know what to do
Arise, arise are you so blind
You can't see the time
Or the stars fall from the sky

In the garden, he spoke to me
He said "Rise up and see."
I arose and this is what I saw
Thieves climbed over the garden wall...
Track Name: I Went In Dark And Came Out Light
Upon the precipice
I stood at the mound of my grave
The flesh I once wore
Dirt tired and worn
I left in there that day
Buried it deep in the ground
And went on my way

Entered into this world a creature of sin
Was born into this world to die
But I have been born again
I went in dark and came out light

I have crucified my flesh
Left it to die
Reborn in the water
Reborn in the light

Nothing can stop me now
Hardened from the clay
No force on this earth
Can stand in my way

Forced into the bowels of the world
Trapped inside eternal night
I am not afraid nor ashamed
I went in dark and came out light
Track Name: Conduct
Conductor in dress stands up front
Cold and serious as he begins
No mistakes as he lifts his hand
1... 2... 3... and...

Then, the band begins, every piece in it's place
Conductor grins as he sways
The audience, a smile on every face
Oh, they cheer for they're entertained

The children adore the show
Oh, their parents do not know
Dance around as they hum
Blind and deaf they've become

Time is coming to the end
Conductor stands to start
Oh, the band's about to perform
As he conducts his part

Every puppet has a string and their master pulls them
Everyone thinks they're in charge and their master fools them
Everyone has someone that they serve
No one is exempt from the written word

Whoa... Start the show...
Time is here, time to go...

He plays the strings
He conducts, they sing
Track Name: I Can Bear No More
Round and round
Round and round it spins
Ceaseless torment
Make it end

I can bear no more
I can bear no more

Burden of the mind
The noise won't subside
Horses spin in time to the
Screaming rhyme
Colors lights and dreams
Nothing is as it seems
Mind slips away
Nothing more to say but

I can bear no more
I can bear no more

The pressure is on
The heat is thick
The smell of this air
Is making me sick
No one can stop this
Machine from its course
Time is the wheel
Unstoppable force

Ceaseless noise
Spinning lights
Into the void
Track Name: The Sandman Cometh
In the dreams, he walks to and fro
In the night time, he's free to go
The midnight man of the hour
In the darkness, he has his power

Oh, beware your slumber
Beware the spell you're under

The sandman cometh
Comes in the night
Comes to take away
To take away your light

Dancing in the darkness
Bitter vine it spreads
Bloody and devoured
The feeble mind is dead

What is this, you ask yourself
In the darkness of your mind?
What is this?
What did you find?

The sandman has taken you
A puppet on the string
You opened up the door
To become a plaything...

The sandman cometh in the night
He comes to put out any light
In his hands you'll come to harm
Power, danger, in his charm
Track Name: Failure To Comply
Enter in the city
Kick in all the doors
Time has come kneel
Fall and kiss the floor

There's been a failure to comply
Up against the wall!
Someone sound the alarm!
Spare no one at all...

Shaking and turning
Can't stop the burning
Moaning and crying
Everyone's dying

Kick in the gate
Burn the houses down
Drink up the tears
Drink until you drown
Boots against their battered skulls
Blood on the street
Smoke ascendeth in the clouds
Feel a hellish heat

There has been a failure
Time has come to die
There has been a failure
To comply

After all the bodies burning
The stink is growing strong
On the war machine keeps turning
Ending won't be long
Track Name: Travelling Through Time
Long ago, at the dawn of time, he knew me
Formed the earth, the wind, the sky, the rocks, the trees,
All life sprung up from the land and sea,
Travelling through time, he set the course, full knowing,

The journey is set
All will be fulfilled
Travelling through time
All things in his will

Nothing can stop the wheel of time from turning
Like the force of a rushing stream the river yearning
As the time gets very near, the wind will blow
Storms will rumble in the sky, oh then they'll know...

Oh, I know which way the wind blows
Full in my sails, fast my ships goes

Travelling through time all is fulfilled
All evil forces will fail
The mystery of God will be revealed
Time comes to lift the veil

Onward, travellers of time,
The day we all head toward
And don't let time pass you by
Keep your feet forward
Track Name: The Eyes They Do See
Not for you to see
Back away from me
Watching me, everything I do
This isn't for you
This isn't for those who
Wait behind the walls of view

They can see it all
Eyes are watching me...
Hats as tall as towers
Oh their eyes do see...

Shadowy forms in the corner of my eye
Shifting shapes in disguise

I can discern you I see through
Nothing is hidden from view
Not too far away is the day
Where you are exposed in the light too

Blood red staring eyes watching me
Why are you there?
Why do you care?
Eyes staring at me...

Sitting behind the darkened veil
Watching everything...
Tick tock says the clock
The eyes they do see.
Track Name: The Last Song Before We Go
And that was the last thing I heard
That terrible sound and then silence
Nothing could touch me...
I was past the gates of death...

My body fell the blood ran down
The scream I must have screamed
But it's so far from me now...
So far away, like a dream...

Like a dream...

As the blood crept down, the tears they stained
Our weeping prayers echoed
Then, the savior came, he shut all our eyes
This is the last song before we go

That was the end, Omega had come...

In the end we fall, we die one and all
No one ever escapes
There is an exit now: a doorway out
It is that door that I take

I... I...

I am beyond the reach of that place
I am beyond, no more pain
Track Name: Ascending
I'm rising, I'm rising,
No longer bound,
I'm rising, I'm rising,
Feet off the ground,

Higher, higher,
No longer bound,
Higher, higher,
Feet off the ground,

Ascending, ascending,
Peace all around,
Ascending, ascending,
Unchained and unbound,

Ascending, ascending,
Peace all around,
Ascending, ascending,
Unchained and unbound,

Fly away, fly away,

I am ascending beyond,
I am beyond!