Time and Time Again .​.​.​Again

by Redemption Draweth Nigh

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On the heels of album 5 (which is coming soon), I decided to look back at my first album and do a stripped-down, live feeling EP. This EP was recorded over the course of two days. It features seven tracks from "Time and Time Again" (which is also available on my bandcamp).

I hope you enjoy this EP and may it bring you some hope in our dark, dark world.


released April 20, 2017

All songs performed by Adam Snyder.
Lyrics written by Glenda Snyder.



all rights reserved


Redemption Draweth Nigh Nashville, Tennessee

Redemption Draweth Nigh is a one-man, end-times gospel ministry from Nashville, Tennessee.

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Track Name: Gathering Grapes
The vine is barren,
The weeds have grown,
The wine has soured,
Gather sweet no more,

Mother father, gather grapes,
For time to dine,
Table set, with food and wine,
Splendor in my Father’s house,

Oh, withered vine, lost in time,
No more shall I gather thee,
It’s time to go,
Time to go,

A voice sweetly calling,
It’s time to rest,
Yes, rest from your labors,
So come, lie down a while,

The vines have withered,
Time to go,
Time to go,
Time to rest.
Track Name: Lost
Among the crowd, just like them,
Or was I, was I?
Same words from my mouth,
Same face, movement, stance,

Thought I was my own self,
But I was lost among the many,
I felt alone, so alone,
An empty cup on a shelf,

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who am I, am I at all?
Answer me, my plea,
Mirror, mirror please,

I saw my image look back,
And what was I in the view,
Look hard, you will see,
It’s you, you, you,

Lost among the crowd,
I don’t know,
I don’t know,
I don’t know.
Track Name: Attention
Pay attention when the sky turns black,
Once said, there’s no turning back,
And when you see the moon as red,
Remember what your Father said,

Pay close attention on this day,
Be mindful of your way,
Choices to be made,
Four, four directions,

Pieces broken, shattered rain down,
Run not when you hear the sound,
Freedom cometh in strange ways,
The trumpet’s message gave sound,

Arise, raise up your hands,
Now, pay attention,
Spirit see, my soldiers on their knees,
Freedom walkers, army of God,

Attention, warriors,
The time is now,
Sound the trumpet,
Arise, go forth.
Track Name: Fire
Fire burneth out hate,
Fire in me,
There’s a fire in me,
My spirit’s on fire,

So, let me dance to and fro,
Spirit up and go,
Let this fire light,
Bring forth holy fire,

Burn red embers, burn,
I cometh, I stand,
I’m on fire, on fire,
I run through this pagan land,

Burn away,
The tin and dross,
I’m here,
I burned the cross,

Power spirit,
Take flight,
Cometh day,
Away night,

Burn away,
Burn away,
Track Name: Mass Confusion
Bombarded chained mind,
Only moments of sanity, time,
Like a barren wasteland,
My mind,

So many things my mind has seen,
Rippling waters confusion unto me,
Confusion like a stream rushing,
Hard cleanse come,
Hard cleanse come,

I waited for the spiritual rain,
To open my mind, release the pain,
Cords they crossed became confused,
Strand by strand, stand by stand,

They taught me well on the screen,
How to walk and how to breathe,
They call my name at day’s end,
Said here is what you need,

So I looked on my feeble mind,

Cleanse me holy,
Cleanse me now,
Unbind the bound one, now, now.
Track Name: As The Owl Looked On
Tall tree, did you talk to me?
You shake your leaves, way up high,
Yes, there, are those eyes?

Eyes watching me,
Look if you must,
I fear not,
I know it’s dark,

Once, you spoke to me,
Yes, from a tree,
I was scared,
Even terrified,
But no more,
I will testify,

That spell, you cast over me,
As you spoke from the branch,
You waited patiently,
Yes, but no more,

Then, I took flight,

Were you there, were you there?
Matters not, I am, I took flight,
Not you...
Track Name: New Wine
They sang the songs so sweetly,
Hands high in the air,
The hands of God upon them,
They danced on the new wine,

Lead from land uprooted,
Never stopping along the way,
For the new wine was upon them,
Every step of the way,

They gathered from four directions,
Wind at their backs,
They worried for nothing,
As they marched on,

The power, the power,
Was mounting,
Worshiping their Lord,
Crying Father, we hear you,
Oh Father, we hear,

Stating their declaration,
Arms high in the air,
The new wine on their tongues,
Shouting hallelujah,
hallelujah, hallelujah,
hallelujah, hallelujah,
hallelujah, hallelujah.